Monday, January 11, 2010

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Irish Culture

A fine, working example of of an old Irish farm. The old buildings and
thatched roofs are quickly disappearing from the landscape.

Trad. Music Session at Friel's Pub in Miltown Malbay,County Clare.

by James Horan

Patrick O' Reilly and John Cooke from Innagh, Co Clare are pictured at the 2008 Spancil Hill horse fair, County Clare.

by James Horan

The monthly Smithfield Horse market is one of Dublin’s oldest traditions. It is a place where kids from deprived areas of the city buy and sell horses. In recent years the Smithfield area has been redeveloped which creates a striking contrast to the horsemarket, The introduction of The Control of Horses Act has effectively outlawed these kids, and the closure of the market is a real possibility.

by Ifido

Old Ireland still exists, or so it seemed when a riding club arrived by the half dozen for an idyllic jaunt round the drumlins of Ringhaddy.

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